Innovation can come from unlikely places, including – as is the case for the world’s first recycled stone surface – the landfill

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A product which respects natural resources and contributes to saving the environment by reusing stone offcuts which would otherwise be simply thrown away, Lithoverde® is the world’s first recycled stone texture.

Developed by Salvatori in 2010, it is 99% composed of discarded stone, with the remaining 1% comprising a natural resin which acts as a binder.

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“Our mountains are precious resources and this is a way
we can protect them. So much beautiful natural stone is just discarded which is a huge shame, but this way, we get to reuse not just our own offcuts but also those from other sources.” (Gabriele Salvatori)

Lithoverde® helps to increase the level of architectural sustainability of a building by means of LEED® rating points (established by the US Green Building Council). Not only is it environmentally-friendly and extremely easy to install, but also a beautiful texture with every block resulting in a unique pattern.

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John Pawson was one of the first to realise the potential of Lithoverde®, using it for his acclaimed House of Stone, created for the 2010 Salone del Mobile. It is also a particularly popular choice for bathrooms as it stands up to moisture well and has won a number of awards both within Italy and internationally for innovation and its positive contribution to the environment.

And the name itself? It is derived from LITHO (which means “stone” in Greek) + VERDE (“green” in Italian).

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“For a long time I’ve thought how wonderful it would be to
be able to use all the off-cuts you see lying around in quarries and stone yards, but no one had come up with a way of doing it.
I love the fact that Lithoverde® is about making something beautiful and practical out of something which was previously simply waste. I also love the idea of a natural material which gives you scope to make your own patterns.” (John Pawson)

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